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Manic Comedy

It’s the latest ukulele hit none of your friends have heard of! A song about how Romcoms make your view of reality contorted.
The second song on my channel, I’m finally making more music again, I hope you all enjoy, lyrics in the video description :)



as you watch that f-bombs for feminism video with the cute girls dressed as princesses screaming things about fucking the patriarchy, remember that fckh8 is a really!!! problematic company and just make sure you know where your money is going if you plan on buying one of their t shirts


growing out my eyebrows is the closest i’m going to get to gardening

How do dick pics make u feel?



This is the fucking funniest thing I have ever seen omfg.



Nailed it!

Black Girls*



Nailed it!

Black Girls*

Acknowledging who I am and owning my being confidently, makes me so much happier when I’m around new people than not. I have for a while hidden a lot of my identity at work, and often thought, at home, what they would think if they saw me outside of work. That mentality can be applied to certain people I work with but as long as I’m honest about my interests and who I am I feel I can relax more and not compensate with things that aren’t me. Today I did just that and discovered that one of my co-workers is just as big a geek as I am. I have honestly felt a little out of place amongst a lot of people at work, but this was really cool. We ended up talking about Disney for ages, and as she lives right next to me I got a lift from her and in the car realized we have had the exact same high school experiences and I really feel awesome right now. I just have to keep reminding myself that as long as I am confident with who I am inside, it’ll shine through, and some people might take some distance, but the right people won’t :) 


Irmela Mensah Schramm is a 67-year-old woman living in Berlin. Since 1985 she has been going out every morning looking for stickers or racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic graffiti to permanently scratch off and erase. [video]

That awkward moment when you don’t know if a car is going to let you cross.









omfg 267% accurate

The leaders of the white community need to speak out about the riots at pumpkinfest. This white on white violence needs to be addressed. Savages.




MAYBE if they stopped wearing polos, yoga pants, and Uggs, they would earn our respect during this tragic crime!

Look, I’m not a reverse racist.  I have white family members and friends.  But if the white community needs to get this stuff under control, we need to make sure white children aren’t growing up in this destructive culture.

Tuh! well MAYBE if they weren’t so LAZY and did well in school they wouldn’t be such thugs! I MEAN, look at me! *I’ve* worked hard for everything I’ve gotten, they have no excuse!!!