My attempt at making sense

So yeah, my finale step in accepting myself is taking my own advice and feeling proud of the way I look by flaunting it. I am way happier looking at these photos and feeling genuinely beautiful than looking at a scale and getting excited when I loose weight. Weight is not a measurement of health, your self worth and definitely not your beauty. Let aloe your right to wear a bathing suit when it’s hot as hell! You earned that body, it’s beautiful because it belongs to you!

The perfect bikini body joke has been going around for while, just thought I’d contribute, not steal someone else’s joke :P

Due to sudden rise in circulation of this post (seriously where did you all come from?) I have decided to add a link to a vlog I made last year when the post first took off. In it I answer a few common questions that tend to pop up over and over again whenever this post starts moving. 
Q&A pt 1     Q&A pt 2

I am keeping the above text and my original vlog, however I recently realized it may sound like I am shaming bodies that are unhealthy. That is not my intention and I apologise and would like to specify, I don’t support body shaming in any context. Our bodies are our own and for no one else to control but ourselves.

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